Stahl’s Psychopharmacology Update – San Diego

October 19, 2012

Stay Up to Date with Continuing Education

Day 2 started off with a very informative presentation on ADHD. There were several bits of information in the lecture that I plan on incorporating once back at work in Chicago.

The use of rating scales for all new patients makes sense. So many times ADD has come up as a diagnostic possibility several weeks after treatment has begun. But the presenter also suggested a reasonable algorithm that places addressing other symptoms before considering ADHD. That’s only to assuage my self criticism because I have seen many times that once a person’s ADHD is addressed many other problems resolve.

For most of us continuing education is a routine part of our business. We need to think of it as similar to maintaining the various parts of a factory. Machines need care and occasional replacement. It is a regular occurrence that I learn that what I had been taught is no longer accurate. Let’s keep up to date. It gives us an edge on the competition.

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