Repurposing Content

September 25, 2012

Get Going with Your Fall Marketing Blitz

Autumn gets my juices flowing. It is one time of the year that I reliably launch new practice promotion campaigns. Maybe it’s due to the lingering effects of deep back to school memories. Who knows?

“Repurposing content” was introduced to me a few years ago by our friend, Micheline, then an eager MBA student, now working in a well known company’s marketing department. The idea, obviously, is to reuse work in various formats. One example is my using pieces of my eBook as blog posts. Another is the upcoming Fall campaign.

Becca, our intern this semester, Keith, our design guru, and I are using an older marketing piece as the template for this new promotion. The basic document design – branding, graphics, contact information fields, and some original content will remain as is. Becca is working up a rough draft of new content to replace that in one text box. We are announcing expanded office hours, including all day Saturday, and the availability of Skype sessions. “Telepsychiatry” is a growing practice in the field.

What is your Fall campaign? Can you make use of content from earlier promotional efforts? How many times during the year do you market your business? Are you constantly thinking about new ways of doing so? Let us know by leaving a comment via the tab at the top of this piece. And thanks for the visit.


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