Old school networking – don’t forget the basics

October 6, 2010

Be careful not to lose sight of basic networking activities in all the buzz about blogging and building other aspects of your online presence. These things are important and fun to fool around with. But still the bulk of my business comes the old fashioned way – by referral from colleagues and current clientele.

Make sure you develop the habit of asking colleagues out for lunch or coffee. Have conversations with them about life in general but also about work-related things you share in common.

Gulin Guneri wrote about this in her guest appearance in my blog, which I have used as a testimonial for CLPConsulting.

When I first started out in practice – over 25 years ago! – I was driven by both a real interest in socializing with my friends, who just so happened to be my psychiatric colleagues, and the demon fear of certain failure. I wrote notes to friends to let them know that I had time available for new patients and certainly to thank them for sending work my way. By now this is as natural as breathing for me. But it is a practice that requires repetition and careful, determined intent to establish.

Design your own custom greeting cards. Have a nice picture of yourself on them. Check out moo.com for this. And, please, make sure you have a set of business cards that you like. Get in the habit of carrying them with you always. Moo.com can help you with this also. For a more individually tailored service contact me. I work with a terrific graphics design firm – Buckledown-Interactive. Keith can help you develop your brand and produce wonderful pieces that you will simply want to spread around town.

All this is talk. Do it. And get started now if you are not already hard at it!

What are some of your favorite networking hints? Add them in the comments section below.


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