Marketing Psychiatry

October 10, 2012

Get Going with Your Fall Marketing Blitz

Marketing psychiatry and psychotherapy is hard. We’re not inclined to do it, at least that’s what I keep learning from my colleagues. As I have written, I began marketing in the earliest days of my career, driven by fear of failure. Back then my “campaigns” consisted of sending out hand written notes to well known colleagues letting them know that I had time available for new patients. I think that was unusual for the time because I don’t remember getting similar letters from the same people. One might think that with decades of experience under my belt that I would be less afraid. Not really.

The fear still comes. What has changed is the quality of my marketing campaigns. I wanted to paste a version of the image used to create my updated marketing sheet but it was too big for the WordPress uploader to handle. I tried reducing the size of the file but that failed too. Then I tried cutting/pasting one small text box from the page. That failed also. I finally resorted to retyping the content into Pages, then pasting it into my WordPress Add New Post text box.

The new Clear Life Path marketing sheet is an update of the second version of the one Laura Lee, Keith, and I designed years ago. This version contains a strong sell of my extended office hours. This is a small sample of the text:


Increased & Expanded Availability

Extended Weekday Hours/Open Saturdays

24/7 Email or Telephone Access

Teleconferencing Therapy Sessions Available

Phone calls returned the same day


Embedded in the story of the evolution of my marketing campaigns is an important lesson for marketing our services. I kept failing in my attempt to put a copy of the marketing sheet in this post. Rather than give up I found a way to include the core message. The “meta” core message is to embrace self-promotion, to keep trying, even at things we’re not trained to do. We are not marketers. Our businesses aren’t profitable enough to hire them.

How do you handle the frustration inherent in growing a business? Do you think about these things? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.


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