Marketing Psychiatric Services: ADHD Management

October 29, 2012

Business Ideas From the NEI Congress

Stephen Stahl’s NEI Psychopharmacology Update Congress always gives me a boost. I recently reviewed my NEI attendance record. This one was my 7th. In addition to raw education, I am often inspired to explore new business ideas.

This year I came away with the plan to become even more of an expert on the diagnosis and treatment of attentional disorders. This morning, one week after the meeting, I am drilling down into the material from the conference, Stahl’s other resources on the topic, and soon will research the current understanding of the details of the neurophysiology of ADHD. This is central in Stahl’s presentations and publications, but there are areas left unaddressed. As a physician, psychiatrist and fancier of general biology I am curious about the deep mysteries of the workings of the brain. But there are other important aspects of the management of ADHD I need to incorporate into my practice.

I have never used patient rating scales. My psychoanalytic “DNA” wants to reject that sort of thing as irrelevant if not counterproductive. But after Dr. David Goodman’s presentation I was convinced. I am now integrating the use of rating scales for the diagnosis and ongoing evaluation of my ADD patients.

Finally, I am determined to develop an integrated treatment approach including coaching, psychotherapy and/or medication for these clients. Each person is remarkably unique. There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution to these syndromes. I am developing a coaching method and staff  – something I have never considered before.

Why post this on my consulting blog? What could have been simply a terrific educational opportunity morphed into a business innovation. Staying up to date is a basic responsibility – so do it. But as you attend conferences pay attention to that small voice telling you about your next big thing. Does this ever happen to you? Share your stories in the comment section via the “Leave a Comment” link at the top of this piece. And thanks for dropping by.



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