Inspiring Practice Development

September 8, 2012

Helping Dori Peace, LLC Find a Path to Practice Growth

I recently received a call from Dori, a counselor experienced in working with the college student population, adults, and couples. After a recent relocation from Pennsylvania she rented office space in the Aon Building and began offering her services here in Chicago. Dori made contact with Jeremy Hisaw of Columbia College Chicago’s student counseling department. I’ve known Jeremy for several years and Columbia’s counseling department since moving to Chicago. He encouraged Dori to contact me about practice development.

Dori and I chatted by phone about her current situation and what she would like to develop. We scheduled a longer meeting at the University Club. During that meeting we saw a number of things that could be done to improve her business. But I think the most important impact I have had so far is to encourage and embolden her. Since she credited my eBook for inspiring her I asked if she would write a brief testimonial.


“I have been in private practice for over two years now.  At first, it was very exciting being my own boss and having flexibility.  But it wasn’t long before I became bogged down with taking as many clients as I could so that I could have some sort of decent income.  Coupled with my caseload, I also had large amounts of paperwork that was necessary to complete to handle insurance claims and pre-authorizations.  I began to feel depleted, I wasn’t excited anymore and my flexibility was dwindling.

I found Bill’s website through a colleague and was intrigued by his e-book, “Starting and Growing Concierge Psychotherapy and Psychiatry Practices.”  I purchased the e-book and was immediately inspired and motivated by what Bill had to say, particularly because it awakened in me my old dream of how I have always wanted to run a counseling business.  My dream has always been about having the time to devote to each and every client, making sure they feel heard and cared for which is almost impossible to do with managed care.  I began to feel empowered again.  There’s much to work on as I attempt to create my practice the way I have always wanted it to be, but now I am excited!”


We have agreed on a month-long practice development coaching relationship. In a meeting next week we will dig into the nuts and bolts of the matter, clarify her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, then create a plan of attack.

I look forward to the pleasure of helping Dori Peace, LLC become exactly the business Dori wants.


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