March 18, 2013

As I wrote in my eBook, I had happily practiced psychiatry for 20 years, never entertaining doing anything but seeing patients in my office 5 or 6 days a week. But a vacation to South America several years ago changed my mind. On that Chilean hillside innovation was the furthest thing from my mind. At least consciously. Looking back, that lovely experience inspired me to want to do something different, to shake things up a bit. Clinical work had been and continues to reward me but that “something else” began to bother me on that trip. Actually it began bothering both of us.

Laura Lee is about to release her eBook on Healthy Mirror Habits. She has taken some time away from her clinical work to devote to the fascinating topic of how we use and misuse the mirror. This video is just a hint of what is to come. I have participated in her Healthy Mirror Habits Workshop twice and my relationship with the mirror has changed. There is some fascinating stuff here.

I mention Laura Lee’s work for two reasons: to promote it and to promote the idea of innovation – do something new. By all means attend professional update conferences. I do and always am refreshed by the experience (especially Dr. Stahl’s NEI Congresses). But listen to that small voice asking for something else, something more. Give into it.


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