How to Build Cash-Based Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Practices

June 20, 2013

The Fog of the Insurance Company-Government Collective

Asa Cordle graciously allowed me to publish this email message. This was his response to my email to him thanking him for purchasing my eBook and asking for feedback.

Hi Dr Lynch,

I really enjoyed reading this and found it both informative and motivating.   I think anyone in training would find it helpful to envision a setting or practice where value creation for the patient (along with promoting the value proposition) is the top consideration.  Your book’s discussion of a broad range of abstract ideas and concrete details of starting a concierge practice enables exactly this.

I’m curious about how macroeconomic and policy trends are going to alter the landscape for insurance free models.  Popular press contains lots of negative predictions for private practice, which might hold true for insurance-based models forced to adopt practices that increasingly don’t fit their business.   For the concierge-type model, however, it seems like there could be a greater number of people wanting to escape from the evolving bureaucratic mess and find independent providers.   Any thoughts on this?

All the best,


Dr. Cordle’s question regarding ObamaCare prompted me to look into this issue. Looks like a nightmare on the way. I’ll keep digging and hope to be blogging about it as a way to develop the nucleus for the next book.

Do any of you have a good feel for what’s in store for us and our patients under the new insurance/government regime? Please tell us.


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