Holiday Weekend Psychiatry

November 23, 2012

Productive Use of Business Slowdown

For one thing I just learned – again – the importance of backing up my work. Part of my office work today is writing a piece for two of my blogs, this one and the one for our new coaching business. The default method has been to write the piece in Word or Pages then paste it into Word Press. In my new mania for going mobile I am trying Blogsy, a cool iPad app, as a mobile optimized posting service. This is fun except I must’ve pushed the wrong button losing the whole piece. Here we go again.

I elected to work today, the Friday after Thanksgiving, because my work load has fallen off a bit lately. This is due to an overall slowdown, a long weekend psychopharmacology congress, and a surgical procedure that took me out of commission for about a week. Christmas and New Years holidays are regularly accompanied by a slowdown, so much so that for years now I simply take a good chunk of time off at this time of year. What else can we do during the slow times?

Blogsy is a great example. I have time to try out new technologies. I plan on putting some time into a project my son and I are working on together. We’re building an app that will be very helpful for psychiatrists and psychotherapists interested in setting up a private practice. I’ll keep you posted as we work through it. I will also spend some time studying the neurophysiology of attentional disorders. And after work today Laura Lee and I are headed to Diversey River Bowl for an afternoon bowling marathon. We’ve found that this archaic activity is a way for us to be active, develop a skill, engage in a bit of lighthearted competition and enjoy each others’ company.

How do you handle slow times in your business? Let us know by leaving a comment. Can all benefit from each others’ experience.


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