Fall Marketing Campaign for Psychiatry

October 15, 2012

Several times each year I launch some sort of marketing campaign. As I’ve written, their nature has changed over the years. Decades ago my nascent promotions consisted of hand written notes to colleagues and less well known clinicians in Dallas letting them know that I had time available for new clients. Since then my marketing has evolved.

In addition to networking with referral sources in a variety of ways and quickly responding to anyone sending work my way, several times each year I send out well designed marketing pieces such as this one:

Keith, my website/graphic designer expert, and Becca, the Columbia College Chicago intern working with us this semester, and I have designed and produced a mailer to be sent out to all the college counseling departments in Chicago. I already have relationships with the counselors at Columbia and a few at DePaul, but I am reaching out to all I can find.

Usually these snail-mail campaigns yield a few referrals. Just as important as generating business directly from these efforts is the act of getting my business “on the radar” of as many people as possible.

Do you market aggressively? If so, what is the nature of your campaigns? If not, why not?



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