July 31, 2011

I first encountered this concept in the process of building my second website. Keith Morgan, of, taught me all about it. He led my business partner and I through a process of defining, then producing a coherent look and feel for the face of our business. I learned that branding is the articulation of the core identity of one’s business. Its essence is the integrated presentation to your market of yourself and your business. It is seen in the design of your letterhead, logo, promotional materials, website, office décor, even in the details of your personal appearance and demeanor.

You may be gifted in design, perhaps have even worked in the field before finding your clinical identity. If so, you know about this already. Most of us, however, are rank amateurs. You need help. Services are available for producing simple designs for business cards and letterhead, but search for a talented graphics design pro. This investment will continue to pay off as your brand anchors your business identity and evolves over time.

As in any nonlinear dynamic system there is self-similarity on all levels of your business. Branding is the deliberate design and implementation of this identity throughout your business. Get this. It is integral to your success in running a thriving concierge practice.


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