Is there Profit in Professionalism?

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Path to Success

Path to Success

I’m trying to write myself out of a funk. This winter – “Chiberia” – has been the worst of my 10 years in Chicago. Right about now Dallas looks pretty darn good. But the dark, cold winter is a fraction of the blues I’ve been suffering.

I had high hopes for CLP Consulting as it was conceived on that Chilean hillside several years ago. The book has been well-received by a small group of readers. Even enthusiastically praised by a few. But the reactions of a few close colleagues have discouraged me more so than the general lackluster growth of book sales and consulting gigs. A close friend’s reaction during dinner recently is a good example.

Dr. P. and I were at dinner at The Gage, a local favorite, catching up on things in general but especially about my having covered his practice during his recent vacation. As a part of the wide-ranging conversation I told him of my idea to interview a series of psychiatrists in order to gather information about thinking of our practices as businesses. His comment during this chat was right on: “Of course I want to make money, but I am uncomfortable when I focus on that too much.”

When I wrote Starting and Growing Concierge Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Practices I was clearly focused on building and growing cash generating businesses. It puts my people off. I’ll try to engage as many colleagues in this conversation as possible. One vision is that this project of self-exploration through others will develop into a second book on the topic of making a living as a clinician. But this time including what looks to me like a massive ambivalence in doing so.

Are you ambivalent about maximizing your profit in your practice? Tell me all about it!