Practice Promotion Partnership

July 6, 2012


One Path to Marketing Your Practice

Mark O’Brien recently started a LinkedIn Group, Practice Promotion Partnership. Within a few days the group had grown to 18 colleagues. I just now invited 40 of my LinkedIn connections to join the conversation. Mark started the ball rolling with what we hope will develop into a forum for like-minded clinicians interested in promoting their businesses.

Mark is a natural at networking and business brainstorming. He brings a good energy to our occasional conversations about life in general and business in particular. I have come to think of him as one of my most reliable sounding boards.

We first met in connection with Columbia College Chicago. I had established a good relationship with the student counseling service. Mark worked in Columbia’s Department of Student Relations. After a few conversations I knew I could count on him to run with my pace of thinking unlike anyone other than my wife, Laura Lee Anders, MD, and our design guru, Keith Morgan.

Mark’s latest innovative idea is to organize monthly teleconferences for members of the group. I look forward to participating. Do you have a brainstorming buddy? Do you try to go it alone? How is that working for you?

Please join in the conversation at Practice Promotion Partnership. If this sort of thing doesn’t excite you, tell us why by leaving a comment via the “Leave a Comment” link at the top of this post.


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