Marketing Psychiatry in Little Rock, Arkansas

March 25, 2012

One Path to Marketing Your Practice

Laura Lee and I are in Little Rock, Arkansas, visiting friends and family but also promoting our new ventures. She is developing an innovative approach to addressing women’s (predominately) “mis-use” of the mirror. I have been a participant in two of her trial workshops and experienced remarkable effects in how I use the mirror. She is also writing a companion book elaborating on the process of developing healthy mirror habits.

I, naturally, am promoting my eBook on Starting and Growing Concierge Psychiatric and Psychotherapy practices. Last evening’s visit and dinner with her old friend, Leigh Ann Bennett, MD, and her husband Allen, was mostly focused on getting caught up with each others’ lives and sharing one of Allen’s amazing steak dinners. I had just enough conversation with Dr. Bennett to have some idea of how her very successful psychiatric group practice promotes their business – Word Of Mouth Marketing.

There are seven psychiatrists in her group, Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic, most of whom were trained here in Little Rock. In a bit of last night’s conversation Leigh Ann mentioned the possibility of another psychiatrist joining their group who had established a thriving sub-speciality practice in town. One can imagine how a group of this sort grows organically, so to speak, in the soil of its first planting. With even the best network imaginable, excellent clinical skills are necessary to grow a psychiatric practice. Build it and patients will come, but they will come back only if they get what they came for.

As I write this piece Laura Lee is putting Leigh Ann through the paces of her Healthy Mirror Habits workshop. I am certain it will be a central topic at dinner tonight at Brave New, a very nice restaurant I remember from my early days of “courting” Laura Lee. Tonight I will make more of an attempt to steer the conversation in the direction of entrepreneurship in Little Rock psychiatry. Leigh Ann has not yet read the copy of my book but intends to.

It was my experience, as reported in my book, that my Dallas psychiatric practice, like Leigh Anne’s, grew organically out of the network I had established in medical school, psychiatric residency, and psychoanalytic training, all in Dallas. Looking back, it was easy. The move to Chicago seven years ago forced me to learn what practice promotion was all about. We did it and my practice is thriving. Leigh Ann and other clinicians who already have robust networks and are excellent clinicians may not need to work very hard “getting the word out” about their business. My main worry for clinicians in similar situations is the risk of falling into complacency – settling for the lure of comfort rather than push persistently for innovation and evolution. The only thing we can count on is change.

Laura Lee’s and my entrepreneurial ventures give us, in my opinion, an unusual flexibility and capacity to adapt to the changes that are on the way. For know-how on discovering the entrepreneur in you, purchase my eBook. To achieve success, work hard, persevere, and keep an open mind about what comes next in your career path.

How have you grown your practice? Share your strategies in the comment section accessed via the comment link at the top of this article. And thanks for visiting my blog.


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