Marketing My Practice; An Example

March 6, 2012

A friend recently read my eBook. Her feedback included wanting to hear more about how I market my practice. She asked if I visited physician’s offices or only sent out mailers. The following is a cover letter that I am including in the current snail mail campaign.

“Yesterday morning at Starbucks, I encountered a young man in a terrible hurry. I watched his frantic pace as he fixed his coffee. He then hurried out, crossing the light at Wabash. If I were able to see him as a patient we would work together to decrease his anxiety, allowing him a calmer approach to life. My goal at Clear Life Path is to change people’s lives just like this young man’s.

I would like to be of help to you and your clients. When you call me I will quickly and calmly return your call.”

Included in the envelop with this short note is a well designed page with pictures of me and shots of my office and another page of me as a “Featured member” of NEI, Neuroscience Education Institute, Stephen Stahl’s exceptional CME organization. It is a very nice write up of my “… Evolving Clinical Outlook”. This piece was made possible by my getting to know and staying engaged with Lisa Lynch (no relation), marketing director of NEI.

So, how do I market my practice? I engage people in the business. As I stress in the eBook – referral sources are the”life blood” of our practices. It has been my experience that MD’s rarely refer to me. There are exceptions but clinician referrals, for the most part, come from non physicians. When I do meet new clinicians I try my best to get them to join me for lunch or coffee. I include their contact information in a database. I use this information to send out periodic mailings like the one described above. Without fail I send cards with a brief note thanking them for joining me for lunch. I also send notes thanking anyone for a referral.

I have a nicely designed website and am getting increasing numbers of potential patients contacting me from it. I also get referrals from friends of current or ex-patients.

The bottom line is that I think of marketing as a central piece of my business and I recommend you do the same. How do you promote your business? Tell us how in the comment section, accessed via the link at the top of this piece.


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